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Why hire a videographer?

23rd August 2017

Videography still splits opinion, sadly. When people think about having a videographer capturing their day, they often think of the film-makers of yesteryear with great big video cameras on their shoulder, later editing together a 2 hour snoozefest to a soundtrack of Shania Twain. While this was fine at the time and still a great reminder of the day, filmmaking has moved on so much and it’s a shame people still conjure up these images when they consider whether or not to get a film made.

If you’re reading this then hopefully you’ve seen atleast one of my trailers and can see that these films really tell a story, not just moving images of the day. Did you know that in a poll last year, not having a videographer was the biggest wedding regret among bride’s and grooms? It’s a shame, then, that people only realise this when the day is over and done with.

Image courtesy of the amazing Aaron Storry Photography.

Imagine the scenario….you’ve spent a crazy amount of money on the wedding of your dreams. It went by in an absolute blur fueled by adrenaline, prosecco and mingling (and rightly so!). The next day you wake up and the wedding blues begin….Your dress goes off to the dry cleaners, decorations are on eBay – wouldn’t it be incredible to know you have something to look forward to, to be able to relive the whole thing? I’ve had plenty of apprehensive brides in my time and they have all said having a film made was the best decision they made – and that’s why I love this job SO MUCH!

If you’re planning your wedding, head over to my contact form,┬átell me about you about your date and let’s do this!