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A beautiful Bonfire Night Wedding at Iscoyd Park

4th July 2017

When I first decided I wanted to do this crazy job, I had no idea where to start; let alone how to make money from it. I had one camera, one lens and a big dream.

When one of my friends said she was getting married at Curradine Barns in February 2014, I jumped at the chance to film it for her. From there, my business grew Рalong with my passion for weddings and all that goes with them. I quickly became part of the furniture at Curradine, and got to know the wonderful staff there. It was here that I met Phillippa, one of the wedding coordinators. You can imagine my sheer disbelief, then, when she asked little old me to film her own wedding a few short years later!

Iscoyd Park was the most beautiful location and I think it’s the autumnal colours that really make this film what it is – get ready for the spectacular fireworks at the end!